How do you choose hair care products since there are so many products on the market.

Recommend from stylists? Or buying from open-shelf type?

Scalp is a part of skin; however, people seems to spend more time for the face. Scalp is the second thinnest skin, but there are few products for scalp care.

E-saki professional scalp care products also can be used on skin.

E-saki advocate the concept of “Medical Hair Care”, which means the product should be healthy, safe and effective. Both protect the stylists and the consumers from chemical harms.

E-saki insist that no harmful chemicals can be used in products to confirm the safety and effect.
E-saki professional hair products and over 1000 salons promise you that all money will be refund if you’re not satisfied.

E-saki is willing to create a market with win-win situation, which increase the effectiveness of making money from stylists, enhance the style satisfaction of consumers with less cost.

Hope to spread the concept of Medical Hair Care throughout the world by E-saki and salon alliance, willing to contribute for the industry.